Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm a lousy blogger

I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.
H. G. Wells

OK, I admit it. I’m a lousy blogger. I’m too easily distracted and don’t post anything for weeks; sometimes even months!  Too easily wrapped up in assorted obligations and other amusements. There are way too many other things that take time away from sitting down to write with regularity. First there is a regular job not related to personal blogging or writing.  (For a couple of years there was a second job but I quit that one so I have freed up some time.) Then there’s commuting to said regular job - about two hours per weekday. Admittedly, my commute is a drive through some interesting, rural countryside and I make it a point to stop and make photographs whenever possible. The commute is not a total waste it but takes time and it’s very challenging to blog while driving. 

Then there is actually being at the aforementioned place of regular employment; grinding out spreadsheets, marketing strategy documents, going to staff meetings and lots of other such excitement. Personal blogging is not in the job description and I do like to pay the mortgage on time. All of these pesky employment endeavors leave little opportunity for personal blogging but I'm not quite ready for sofa surfing at the homes of friends and acquaintances or life in a refrigerator box.

But here’s a thought: Could I angle a way to get paid for blogging about photography? People do it – make a living blogging. Maybe that is a solution worth investigating; might even be worth blogging about. If I become successful I could even write a book: How to Make A Million Blogging! (Call now! Operators are standing by!!)  It’s sort of like turning your stand-up comedy act into a TV series. Jerry Seinfeld did it! On second thought, some of the statistics I’ve read about bloggers lead me to believe I have a better chance making money playing the Lotto twice a week. I’m sure there are lots of funny people and would-be bloggers on the Lotto ticket line.

I could make lots of other excuses but really, life is just buzzing by. It happens when I’m not paying attention. That’s what is so disconcerting. We’re just screaming down the time tunnel and there’s no turning back. Must get in control! Before I know it I’ll be 112 wondering what the hell happened.

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