Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Feed your head"

Staying fresh and motivated is sometimes a challenge. It's easy to get comfortable and stale shooting the same things, in the same places in the same way. It's important think new thoughts, try new things, stimulate your creativity with new "inputs".

Talk to strangers. Seek out interesting people, people you may not normally engage with, people much older or younger than yourself, people in different disciplines, with different interests and motivations. Have different conversations with people you know. Ask different questions. Give different answers. Say what you think. Listen better.

Read, listen to music, look at images or make images you don't think you'd like, maybe even stuff you know you don't like.

Learn new software, techniques and tools for your art. Experiment and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Explore. Travel far or near. Wander around in your city or town or neighborhood or house to parts you seldom or ever visit.

Commute on a regular route? Leave 20 minutes early and explore on the way. Find your road less traveled.

Turn off the TV.

keep a notbook or blog or photo jornal for you ideas and insprations whre you dont worry abot speling and; or puncuation or perfect images.

Exercise regularly. Get sweaty. Make your muscles sore. It brings more oxygen to your brain. You'll be dizzy with inspiration.

Don't say "I can't"

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